04. August 2022


it is so painful to write these lines…no more will we be meeting again, being creative together and work on new songs – I am so deeply sad and find no words…

Every time we met, we had such a special time together. Laughter was all around and we inspired each other with a special kind of fertile ideas. Sometimes I was wondering whether a music key was beating in your chest – instead of a heart.

Thank you so much for writing these wonderful songs for me – may these sounds linger on wherever you are now…

But even if our physical path divides us in such a painful way – you will be around in thoughts and sounds and lyrics. I will never forget you!

Farewell, Daniel…

After roaming you have found a place you can return to where all is safe and sound like you have ever wanted free yourself from everything that hurts you now and speak thy soul because…

Every single word – is worth to be heard what you have to say it’s important to speak and break the stillness

(aus: „Silence Must Be Heard“/Nightstarter)

I miss you so much, Chrysteen

February 18th, 2013
Now this was such a cool concert!!!, THANK YOU SOU MUCH for your support at the EMERGENZA contest in the club "nachtleben" yesterday in Frankfurt! Unfortunately we didn't make it to the next round but nevertheless had so much fun with you being all there! One thing for sure: We had a great audience! Hope to see you soon at the next concert, Chrysteen

January 2013
The next concert is on its way - Chrysteen will perform live in part of "EMERGENZA - The Newcomer Band Contest" on February 17th, 2013 in the club "nachtleben" (Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 45 in 60313 Frankfurt/Main). Admission: 7 pm +++ the contest will start at: 7:30 pm +++ admission fee: 9,00 € (tickets are available through So I hope to see you all there and vote for me!!! So long - Chrysteen

Juni 2012
Greetings from the studio - we have been working on the second album for quite a time now and can't wait to go on! Nonetheless we enjoyed the live performance in the club "DAS BETT" very much and want more!!! So we try to organise more concerts and will let you know as soon as those are fixed.

April 2011
Thank you so much for your support!!! Chrysteen had her first live concert on April 1st at the location BETT CLUB in Frankfurt. 7 songs were presented of which two were from the upcoming album...! Enjoy spring and have a nice time!

March 2011
NOW IT'S TIME! ON APRIL 1st CHRYSTEEN WILL PRESENT SOME PARTS OF HER ALBUM "Nightstarter" AND ALSO OF HER FORTHCOMING ALBUM! This is the location: CLUB "DAS BETT" (Schmidtstr. 12) in Frankfurt/Main ("Solo im BETT" - more information on this website:!!! There won't be an entrance fee and I am really looking forward to seeing you all there!

January 2011
Working in the studio is so much fun and every time we discover something new!

May 2010 to December 2011
Chrysteen is back in the studio and works on her new album!

November 2009
In the November issue of the ORKUS-magazine Chrysteen is presented as a newcomer on the "short cuts" pages. You also find a CD review of the "Nightstarter"-albums on page 76.

August 2009
The mailorder shop INDIETECTIVE sells the album "Nightstarter" which is now also available at!!!.

April 2009
The online shop INFRAROT sells the album "Nightstarter" which is now also available at"!!!

February 2009
The online shop POPONAUT sells the album "Nightstarter" which is now also available at"!!!

January 2009
The album "Nightstarter" is published! Available at"!!!

September 2008
Chrysteen is now officially signed by "Bat'Leth-Records". The album "Nightstarter" will be published probably in December 2008!

March 2007
The last album track "How Soon Is Now" was recorded on March 24th.

February 2007
The further the production goes on, the more intensive the co-operation becomes. "Auf ewig" will be the first song whose lyrics will be completely in German.

January 2007
"Nightstarter" and "Whatever It takes" are the following songs to be published on the "Nightstarter"-album.

The studio sessions keep going on on a regular basis.

December 2006
"Angel" and "Silence Must Be Heard" find their way into the microphone in one recording session.

November 2006
"Raindancer" - inspired by the movie "Dare Devil" is the next song on the way.

September 2006
Their symbiosis starts with the first song recorded - "Still Missing". More songs such as "Ode an die Liebe" and "No Longer Me" follow.

September 2006
Chrysteen starts her own project with producer Daniel Roos.

"Nightstarter" will be the name of Chrysteen's first album.