Chrysteen is different. Forget everything you've heard about synthpop and dive into an ocean of ambient transcient sounds and a crystal-like voice.

Now – being in her solo-project - she started to create a new kind of synthpop music.

Imagine a glass half-filled with water, dip your finger in, touch the rim and go around in circles. This is how to describe her siren voice.

Her stage life began 15 years ago when she started singing, ever since she has been performing and acting. After finishing her studies (majored in German language, English literature and psychology) she worked as a freelance journalist, acted on stage for different musical shows and performed in several TV-productions.

Chrysteen's voice is unique. Since she likes the German language as much as the English one, it's not amazing that this reflects in her lyrics.

She has been part of the darkwave-band „Cradle of Spoil“ for nine years.